March 13, 2019

Before we start, I want to put on record that I’m a big fan of CrossFit and it’s methodology! Although I don’t

train at an affiliate, I train for CrossFit and have even entered a CrossFit competition. This being said I’m not blind to the things that are wrong.

What is Cr...

August 13, 2018

So the kettlebell swing. This is a popular exercise that is done wrong by most people..

The reason so many people get this exercise wrong is due to lack of education on proper form with the kettlebell! There are two main things people get wrong when performing the KB Sw...

August 13, 2018

Why should you use the Overhead Squat?🏋🏻‍♂️

The Overhead Squat helps with strengthening the upper back by working the muscles around your shoulder blades. This will help with back strength and stability and also help in preventing injury caused by constant over traini...

January 11, 2018


Or lack of it

Training and nutrition doesn’t always go to plan, but it’s important to remind yourself of your goal and try not to beat yourself up about it!

I’ve had a bad couple of days training this week, I’ve felt sore from last week as well as not being ab...

July 23, 2017

This may ruffle some feathers…


You need to know what to look out for in an industry of fakes and frauds giving poor advice to people that don't know any better.

There are a lot of fakes in this industry. From average gym members thinking they can train people because...

July 7, 2017

Are you a busy person?

You answered yes didn't you…

Now my next question..

How much of your day do you actually spend getting things done?

People like to complain about how much they have to do, but instead of complaining about it they could be taking action.

I hear a lot o...

May 15, 2017


Why is everybody scared of it?

Its a part of life. Things change and we have to adapt.

I have just started working out of another gym and at first I was hesitant to take the position.

What made me realise that I had to do it was that I was comfortable. I have 15 cl...

May 8, 2017


In terms of your goals, and where you thought you'd be, how far away or close are you to reaching them?

Have you fallen off and quit?

Have you succeeded and passed the goal?

Wherever you are its important that you evaluate and asses!

What went well?

What didn't go so wel...

December 31, 2015



New year, new me...

Sound familiar to you?


With the new year just around the corner try to reflect on the year that's just gone.

What were your goals going into the new year?

Did you achieve these goals?

What will you do different next year?


Setting goals is the easy bit...

December 6, 2015


Ever since I became a Personal Trainer I've had people telling me about how they've lost weight in the past but then put it back on.


The reason for this is that the person has usually gone on an extreme calorie restricted diet and is constantly burning a lot more than...

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