What is MoveStrong's Online Coaching?

Unlike other online coaching, at MoveStrong our main goal is to increase Movement, Strength & Performance, as a by product of these three parts of fitness you will start to look better, feel happier and be able to do things you never thought would be possible!


Fitness is not a quick 12 week fix and all your problems are solved, it is a process of learning to find a balance between life inside and outside of fitness. Not everyone wants to count macros for the rest of their lives, foods don't need to be labelled as good and bad, you don't have to be in the gym for hours on end completing boring cardio in order to expend a few hundred calories.

Is our Online Coaching for you?

Do you want to build strength, move better and get fitter?

Are you bored of your normal training routine and want to mix it up by learning new lifts and skills?

Has your training and progress plateaued?

Do you feel like you need a bit of direction?


MoveStrong's Online Coaching includes;

  • Individual Programming done through TrueCoach App

  • Regular contact with me (Not just a once a week check in)

  • Video review (To ensure you are performing the exercises correctly)

  • Technique and video walkthrough for more technical movements

  • Nutrition Advice and Targets


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