Where are you now?


In terms of your goals, and where you thought you'd be, how far away or close are you to reaching them?

Have you fallen off and quit?

Have you succeeded and passed the goal?

Wherever you are its important that you evaluate and asses!

What went well?

What didn't go so well?

What would you change?

How would you change it?

If you are one of the people that didn't achieve your goal then make sure you keep reading!

We all have setbacks from time to time but it is important to keep going! you obviously have this goal because you want it.

By evaluating what happened you can see clearly what it is that kept you from achieving your goal.


You have to be honest with yourself!

Lose the ego and self pity. If you didn't achieve your goal its because of YOU nobody else.

What went wrong? What didn't you do that you should of?

It could be that you wouldn't accept help,

You may not of known what to do,

Maybe you had help but you wouldn't listen/ didn't want to look bad by telling the truth

As a Personal Trainer I have seen so many people telling me their diet is ‘good’ and it isn't until we go through a diet recall that we see the flaws in the persons diet (More often than not its because they're not eating enough throughout the day!)

Going back to the not wanting to look bad by telling the truth.. The best Coaches in the world wont be able to help you if you lie to them and don't tell them the truth when it comes to how much you're exercising/ How much you're eating!

I don’t judge someone because they&#x