Asking The Right People

This may ruffle some feathers…


You need to know what to look out for in an industry of fakes and frauds giving poor advice to people that don't know any better.

There are a lot of fakes in this industry. From average gym members thinking they can train people because they're in good shape, to qualified trainers who claim they can help you with things that are way out of their knowledge and skill set.

When taking advice from people in the fitness industry take into consideration these things:

  1. Do they “walk the walk”? If they don't then why would you listen to them? If that persons advice was worthwhile listening to then why aren't they doing it themselves…

  2. Can they spot basic movement patterns in people? I saw a member ‘training’ his friend the other day, they were back squatting. the guys friend looked like he'd never squatted before, and his friend put him straight on one of the hardest squats for a beginner. This lads heels were coming off the floor, back was arched and was leaning forward far too much, BUT his friend was telling him that it was good and encouraged him to keep doing more reps.

  3. Does your trainer actually care about you, or your money? Unfortunately this happens a lot. Does your trainer pay attention to your needs and goals throughout the entire session or are they on their phone texting? Do they bring a good mood to the session or do they turn up with a blank expression not really interested.

  4. Are the things they promise to do, to good to be true? Can that person actually do what they say they can? Can they help you with your goal? Tailor your sessions to your ability and push you further than you'd push yourself. Whether your goals are weight loss or sports performance Strength & Conditioning. Too many trainers claim to be S&C Coaches or similar specialties without having the knowledge and certification. Take S&C for example, it’s not about giving the athlete the heaviest weight possible and saying lift it, its about improving areas the athlete is weak in and screening this properly.

  5. Do they inspire you? If not why would you take advice from them? That persons advice will be based on their core values and what they follow so why would you train with them if they're not in anyway inspirational?

This isn't a post to say “Hire me!” its to make people aware of some of the things that go on in the fitness industry and some of the things you should consider when looking for advice! Getting the wrong advice could lead to you being further away than ever to your goal and who wants that?!

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